June 10, 2010

    apakah HANPHONE kita asli atau tidak

    apakah HANPHONE kita asli atau tidak
    apakah HANPHONE kita asli atau tidak
    Untuk mengetahui apakah HP anda asli atau tidak :



    Akan tampil nomor imei(International Mobile Equipment Identity) dari HP anda.

    Periksa digit ke 7 dan 8 dari nomor imei tersebut.

    • • Jika nomor pada digit tersebut adalah 02 atau 20 berarti HP anda di buat di Emirat Arab yang berarti kualitas JELEK…
    • • Jika nomor pada digit tersebut adalah 08 atau 80 berarti HP anda di buat di German yang berarti kualitas TIDAK TERLALU BURUK…
    • • Jika nomor pada digit tersebut adalah 01 atau 10 berarti HP anda di buat di Finlandia yang berarti kualitas BAGUS…
    • • Jika nomor pada digit tersebut adalah 00 berarti HP anda ASLI yang berarti kualitas TERBAIK …

    sumber: http://forum.vivanews.com/showthread.php?t=19894
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    June 08, 2010

    software Recovery Data

    data hilang akibat diformat ulang dan kesalahan format sehingga data yang di simpan belum sempat kita back- up untuk Computer and notebook.
    kita bisa menggunakan software GetDataBack for FAT and NTFS
    seadangkan untuk device alat yang lain seperti Flash Disk, player, and memory card
    Phone , Palm Treo 500V. kita bisa menggunakan :
    Reference from :
    1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=320235
    2. http://www.palm.com/nz/support/treo500v/#downloads
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    Mobile Marketing and shortcodes in the World Marketing

    Mobile Marketing and shortcodes in the World Marketing
    Pivotal role played by mobile phones on people's daily lives, increasing the interest of companies to understand the use of mobile phones as a medium of its brand marketing. Because of its more personal, they see the effectiveness of marketing communication where the information can better direct access via a personal phone. Currently, there has been market segmentation and mass communication becomes less effective because of its nature is not personal, as a result of communication one-to-one into the spotlight in the world of marketing. That's when they begin to look at mobile media (mobile) as alternative his brand marketing more effective.
    One reason mobile marketing into an effective marketing tool, namely because it can provide a means for companies to achieve the desired demographic target market, anytime and anywhere without having to wait for people to view advertisements while they are watching TV, browsing the Internet or read magazines . Although effectiveness mobile marketing is still scarce, but marketing experts in the world remains a huge cost to their marketing activity on mobile media. This is done because they will always find ways and better value for marketing investments, especially if you look at the marketing communications environment changes very quickly and rapidly.
    Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) defines mobile marketing as "The use of wireless media as an integrated content delivery and direct-response vehicle within a cross-media marketing communication Programme." Under that definition, mobile marketing is not just wireless media as information to the public, but as an integrated media and other marketing communications from the device (TV, Radio, majala and also as a tool are two-way communication.
    as an example is a Cellit Mobile Marketing they give the freedom to choose their client own numbers SHORTCODES, as follows:
    Haven't you always wanted to know how to get your own 5-digit phone number for text message promotions? (I.E. on American Idol, text vote to 55555, Deal or No Deal Lucky Case Game, etc.)
    Cellit Mobile Marketing can set you up with your very own 5-digit phone number! This is useful for text marketing, text-to-win, and text promotions. It also makes tracking the effectiveness of your traditional advertising a snap!
    The only way to reach the mobile generation is to speak their language!
    so shortcodes is very importance for mobile bussines marketing.
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    World Mobile marketing revolution with SMS solutions

    world Mobile marketing revolution is inseparable from the development of a mobile phone or mobile phone. Today more and more mobile subscribers continues to grow. Nielson Mobile on in March 2008 and then estimate the total number of global users to reach number 3 billion in 2010. This growth made with the assumption that in the future will continue popping up a new phone, the price of a packet of data and content - such as e-mail, news, weather, instant messenger,text messaging and sports - are increasingly well where all the publishers and even more exciting new mobile services.
    Following the development of mobile technology, the space provided for marketers to make it as a complement to the greater media. Marketers were soon captured the opportunity.so that emerging mobile marketing with use SMS solutions technologies . to Informa / Economist mobile shopping advestising in 2006 only U.S. $ 871 million. While eMarketer, March 2008, estimates that worldwide mobile advertising spending will reach a total of U.S. $ 19 billion in 2012. Total Asia-Pacific market for mobile advertising at that time estimated to reach U.S. $ 6.9 billion.
    examples of companies working in the mobile marketing field is Cellit Mobile Marketing.
    Cellit is a leading provider of mobile solutions, for companies large and small. they help you find a customer in a way not previously possible.
    for the restaurant business, a newspaper broker, broadcast station, or a live event, we have the proven tools and expertise to improve customer interaction and sales.they can provide instant information technologies such as Mobile Coupons on the technology in use House4Cell.
    Rapidly evolving telecommunications technology. The shift of technology from the network cable (fix phone) to the mobile phone increasingly inevitable. Moreover, the current convergence between the Internet and mobile technology enables mobile users to access the Internet through a mobile phone so that the world entered a new era of mobile services.
    This new era began early in 1990 when the United States presents a mobile communications technology known as GSM. This technology then quickly adopted various countries. Japan, for example, began to develop service innovation, and South Korea participated in the field of broadband innovation. Communication technology continues to grow up to appear on CDMA based mobile communications using cellular digital technology.
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